U.S.-China War over Taiwan: How Bad Could It Get?

While the roar of artillery and the clash of steel in a potential conflict over Taiwan paint a terrifying picture, Dr. James Holmes raises his gaze to the wider canvas of political and strategic consequences. The author explores various aspects of a potential conflict over Taiwan, focusing on military strategies, capabilities, and outcomes.

From The National Interest. For a detailed read, you can access the full article here.

Executive Summary:  Holmes’ analysis utilizes the rich tapestry of a wargame simulation by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to unravel the intricate threads of various scenarios and outcomes following a Chinese invasion. From the critical role of Taiwan’s own defense stance to the delicate dance of U.S. military strategies, the analysis dissects the potential impact of weapon systems like the JASSM-ER missile. It emphasizes the complexity and potential costs of such a conflict, while also considering the political and strategic implications, as follows:

Key takeaways:

Specific points:

Overall, the report recommends:


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